Scheduled Shuttles

Friday - Monday, Twice Daily

  • Begins Friday 19 Dec., 2014 - Feb. or March, as participation dictates
  • Reserve 48 hours in Advance
  • Inn to Inn, Collections/Deliveries, only
  • Prepay with Credit/Debit Card
  • eTicket provided
  • Couples Discount
  • Excessive Baggage, fees may apply
  • Gratuities appreciated but not compulsory.
  • Family, Group, Private Transportation
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    Facilitated Shuttles

    Tuesday - Thursday, & all year!

    • our ol' standard...facilitating Shared Service
    • Rates based on participation
    • ...Greatest Savings with 1st Match
    • Private Residences & Inns
    • Prepayment Not Required, however
    • ...Credit Card Required to Hold Seat(s)
    • 20+ years of transportation concierge experience
    • Reserve online or by telephone
    • Our Cancellation Policy is your friend.

    Seasonal Schedule

    Depart Arrive
    Stowe* BTV
    7:30am 8:15-30am
    2:30pm 3:15-30pm
    BTV* Stowe
    12-12:15pm 1-1:15pm
    5-5:15pm 6-6:15pm
    * actual collections begin earlier, we'll advise.

    Cancellation Policy

    • FYI: (This policy is an especially important tool for clients who utilize our Facilitated Shuttling service. WE ENCOURAGE its use.)
    • Jessica's must be contacted. Changing ones mind is insufficient notification, which inconsideration, will be charged to your account, as calculated using the following scale.
    • With 24 hours notice, all is well, no harm no foul...’til we meet again.
    • 12-24 hours notification, half the agreed rate will be charged to your account;
    • Less than 12 hours notification, the full rate will be charged to your account.
    • Why? is pretty simple: the vehicle, or the seat(s) reserved, were effectively unavailable for resale.

    • (Which any thoughtful person would surely consider disrespectful, were it YOUR TIME, resources and therefore income, being adversely affected.)
    • Additional Policy Information